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VetShout! reactivates pets that your office has not seen for twelve months or more. We cross check to determine if any records belong to clients that you no longer wish to see (Moved from the area, outstanding accounts etc), we then deliver customized reminders to your clients to notify them that it has been 12 months since their pet was last seen by your clinic.

My12Months social media.

All VetShout! My12Months go out via email and/or text message, containing the pets name and a "Request An Appointment" button to allow your client to notify you they wish to make an appointment. Your email reminder contains a photo of you, your clinic name and logo. We also provide a map and directions to your clinic, a refer-a-friend button to help spread the word and get you new clients, and a whole host of social media tools that will allow your clients to "like" you on Facebook and to follow your business on Twitter. Your practice will be notified via email or by reviewing a report available in your VetShout! online account.