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Q. How does VetShout! work?
A. Our proprietary technology automatically syncs the data from your veterinarian management software with our program. The data is then configured and delivered based on the settings created by your office during installation. Your office receives live reports by email and in your online account as to what has been delivered that through the course of that day, as well as receiving confirmations and requests from clients regarding appointments. VetShout! is a completely automated system.

Q. How secure is VetShout!?
A. VetShout! is a 100% secure service that is password protected and is SSL encrypted for your peace of mind. The privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. Customer information resides on our secure servers protected by a firewall. Only the veterinarian and designated staff who the Login and Password can access the clinics VetShout! account.

Q. How long does it take to get VetShout! up and running in my clinic?
A. The average time it takes to get a clinic up, running and configured is about 10-15 minutes. Once our team have installed our software on an office computer, your clinic is ready to start using VetShout!

Q. How much of my staffs time will VetShout! need on a daily basis to operate?
A. VetShout! is designed to be a fully automated program, so it requires no staff time. All communications to clients happen automatically, as do notifications from clients to your office. VetShout! was designed to give your staff time back in their busy day!

Q. Does VetShout! replace my existing Management Software?
A. No. VetShout! is an added enhancement to your existing Management Software. It is through your existing Management Software System that we sync everyday to automatically deliver your clinics notifications to clients.

Q. What type of internet connection does my office need?
A. We recommend a high-speed connection (Cable, DSL, T1). Our upload process is extremely fast, but as with any Internet process, a faster connection improves the processing time.

Q. How much does VetShout! cost?
A. VetShout! is a very efficient and cost-effective service to veterinarian clinics. The VetShout! product, it’s services and it’s customer and technical support are all available to your clinic at a low cost.

Q. Special Requests
A. At VetShout! we really do appreciate our clients. We love providing the industry’s best customer support and a software that is second to none.
From time to time our clients have special requests that are not included as part of our service.

Examples of special requests may include:
  1. Designing unique html marketing emails.
  2. Requests to pull data from the software in an excel spreadsheet format.
  3. Help troubleshooting issues with practice management software that have nothing to do with the VetShout program.
  4. Custom features.

We are happy to assist where we can and there may be a charge for this service.
Once a client makes a special request in writing, we will evaluate the assignment and provide a written estimate before moving forward.
We are here to help.